2 oct. 2012

Bury me

Bury me in a crystal coffin,
Where my heart can be seen,
Beating trough and against the ages,
Without a simple body to stay with.

Keep the sounds being listened,
Always being there by its side,
The clear death will be showed,
In the same moment I die.

All the pains will be missed,
All the truths will come out,
As soon as the black shadow of sorrow
Receives my soul and my life.

Only one fulfilled of life cry
Is quite enough to say nothing,
Don’t be sad, it’s not the way,
Can you hear it beating? Please keep laughing.

I have to say I don’t believe in a dark eternity,
But you can bury me in a wooden coffin if you want,
Even if my choices here do not matter,
I’m sure to do prefer the crystal one.

Bury me; but just when my life is gone.